Noordhoek Grated Cheese to become part of Royal A-ware


Lopik/Bodegraven, 31 May 2022 | Family businesses Royal A-ware and Noordhoek recently signed an agreement under which Noordhoek will be taken over by Royal A-ware. The proposed takeover has been submitted to the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) for approval. Noordhoek’s employees were informed about the proposed takeover on Monday 30 May. Upon the NMa’s approval, Noordhoek will become part of Royal A-ware and Noordhoek’s 58 employees will become Royal A-ware employees.

Both family businesses have a long tradition in cheese, and the takeover is a strategic decision for both organisations. Jonathan Koelewijn, Managing Director of Noordhoek: ‘We’re no strangers to each other – we have enjoyed a great working relationship for several years now. This acquisition allows Noordhoek to become part of a larger organisation, offering opportunities in other markets and better access to cheese and cheese products. Royal A-ware’s strength enables us to secure our customers’ position in the market and create a stable, safe haven for our family business.’

Noordhoek’s product range complements that of Royal A-ware. As a specialist in grated cheese, Noordhoek offers its products in forms that are not currently part of Royal A-ware’s product range. Both organisations are also active in other markets. ‘The expertise and experience of Noordhoek’s employees will enable us to add products to our range and meet our customers‘ needs more effectively,’ says Jan Anker, Royal A-ware CEO.