About us

About Noordhoek

A proud family business

Noordhoek Grated Cheese is the specialist in grated cheese. With our experience and expertise, we are able to make products that fully meet the wishes and needs of our customers: a customised product, a little different for every customer. That is our speciality.

The best result

Our carefully selected quality team ensures that highly hygienic working methods are followed and, together with the purchasing department, makes sure high quality cheese is used for our customers’ products. That is how we can guarantee the best result! We place great value on our service and relationships with our customers. The Noordhoek team always works enthusiastically for its customers.


Noordhoek Grated Cheese products find their way to large bakeries, pizza manufacturers, catering wholesalers and other companies within the food industry. Our grated cheese is easy to spread over products such as pizzas, bakery products and (meat) dishes. Our products are also used, for example, in dough mixes and ready-made products.

Our history

  1. Market trade, Cees Noordhoek

    In 1967, one of the Noordhoek brothers decides to go his own way and starts his own market trade. His passion for the product means that Cees soon achieves great success.

    Markthandel Cees Noordhoek
  2. Oprichting Noordhoek Kaas

    Establishment of Noordhoek Grated Cheese

    At the market, Cees Noordhoek meets Tijmen Koelewijn, who is selling bakery products at the time. Together, they hit on the idea of grating cheese for bakeries. What starts with a hand grater soon turns into a proper company in Bodegraven!

  3. New building construction

    Noordhoek Grated Cheese soon outgrows its home. New premises are created at the new business park in Bodegraven. State-of-the-art production and shipping areas and beautiful offices adorn the Klipperaak.

    Noordhoek Kaas nieuwbouw pand
  4. Building expansion

    Less than 10 years later, we need to expand further. Noordhoek doubles in size and starts a professionalisation process. Noordhoek’s corporate identity is also completely revised and modernised.

    Noordhoek Kaas uitbreiding pand