You ask, we grate!

The grated cheese is packed in bags of transparent or printed film, ranging from 150 g to 5 kg. It is also possible to combine up to four different types of cheese. We produce a minimum of 560 kg per order. These different forms of processing guarantee that your product can be adapted exactly to your needs. This is how we create customised products at Noordhoek Grated Cheese. Of course, we can also supply more specific grating sizes aside from those listed below.

Grating possibilities

Everything is possible

Grating cheese is our key focus area. With our many years of experience with grating, we now have so much expertise that almost everything is possible. We can produce a wide range of products by varying grating sizes and cube sizes: from coarse to fine grating, from long to short strings, various grain sizes and small to large cubes. As a variation on the cube, we can also make sticks.