De Kaashandel starts up


The Municipal Executive of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk has approved the development of the De Kaashandel project. Ten partners from the cheese industry (including Noordhoek Grated Cheese) have recently emerged to implement the initiative.

The famous Bodegraven Kaasmuseum will be given a new accessible place within De Kaashandel. There will also be a tourist information point. Together, they will work to provide a hospitable welcome for both visitors and residents.

“Bodegraven has an inspiring story to tell when it comes to finishing and marketing cheese, historically and to this day. We want to express that DNA and that pride more. A wonderful step has been taken with this initiative in cooperation with the cheese industry and the Kaasmuseum,” said alderwoman Inge Nieuwenhuizen, with the portfolio Economy, Recreation & Tourism. The council wished everyone involved smooth preparations.

De Kaashandel is expected to open its doors in the autumn. The building the foundation has in mind is on the Raadhuisplein in the centre of Bodegraven.